Now you have no excuse for not having long, thick beautiful eye brows and long flirtatious eye lashes. Our brow and lash rejuvenator serum is a little bottle that’s packed with a big punch for maximum growth of your brows and lashes.

Unlike your hair, eyelashes don’t always get the treatment they deserve; instead, they are coated in mascara, covered with glue and fake lashes, and for some of us, this process is repeated daily. No wonder they begin to gradually lose their luster, length, and thickness.

Our eyelash and brow formula has been formulated to improve lash and brow length and density while simultaneously conditioning and strengthening the hair in these areas.

Flirtatious Eyez Growth Rejuvenator is very easy to use. Use the application brush to apply the formula, twice a day, on clean, dry lashes and brows. Also, apply it to the base of the eyelashes and across the brows, and have the result within 4 – 6 weeks. Eyelash rejuvenator does NOT contain PARABENS or PHTHALATES