The potent proteins and vitamins in our brow and lash serum give it the ability to lengthen and thicken your lashes and brows for more flirtatious volume. It also contains minerals responsible for rejuvenating the physical appearance and feel of your brows and lashes, as well as giving it a sexy shine.

Flirtatious Eyez Rejuvenator has been made popular for its unique agents that help to stimulate, moisturize and rejuvenate your brows and lashes. The extra moisture content allows it to improve the durability, elasticity, and length of your hair.

The peptides in the formula take charge by protecting against damage or breakage and give you the base you need to grow your ideal eyelashes and eyebrows.


Eye brows and lashes are very different from scalp hair. The root is closely located to the skin surface, which makes is very easy to reach. This means hair growth problems could be treated. 

Below is a step-by-step guide of the hair growth cycle.

Case 1: A Normal Brow Hair
This sketch shows a normal brow hair. You can see that the follicle is open and nutrients can flow in freely to boost hair growth.

Case 2: Hair Stops Growing
Wax build up coats blocking the follicle to receive nutrients needed for growth (this is also seen in male pattern baldness)

Case 3: Hair Gets Thinner and Stops Growing
In this case, the hair has stopped growing because the follicle is dead; this could be due to inflamed skin, poor diet, or from years of over-plucking.

Case 4: Hair turns brittle with age
It’s a normal condition that as we age, the oil gland dries up slowly and stops lubricating the hair; as a result, the hair turns brittle.